Did Rob Ryan Have Any Real Competition? (1 Viewer)


Aug 23, 2007
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Due to us switching to a 3-4 how many real candidates did we have who had experience in this system? The 49ers wouldn't grant us permission and who knows who else. Grantham was Ryan's only competition?

The more I think about this hire the more I think we settled because we truly had no other 3-4 DC to pick. I can only hope it works out for us in the long run...

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My guess is that they also offered Romeo Crennel an interview but were turned down. Then once SF denied them permission to interview their candidates, it came down to Ryan and Grantham.
I'm pretty sure that Payton considered every 3-4 defensive coordinator in the college ranks as well as many position coaches around the league that had experience as a 3-4 coordinator or as a 3-4 position coach. I'm sure he would have like to have talked to the 49er guys, but that does not mean that we only had two people we could have chosen for the DC position.

Plus, given that he hired Gregg Williams, he clear like the attacking Buddy Ryan tree defenses that Williams ran. He might not have like Williams personally, but that does not mean that he does not like that style of defense. Beyond that, everyone assumes that because Ryan is from the Buddy Ryan tree and likes media attention he is like Williams and Payton won't get along with him. But, it's possible and based on the reports I've heard about Williams is that Payton did not like him because he is a classless *******. Not because he wanted media attention.

For all we know, Ryan and Payton clicked and will be the best of friends. It's not like Payton isn't know to cut loose. He's just better than Ryan at keeping it under cover.
i mean what other well known DCs were hired after him?

None. The DC market especially 3-4 coaches was pretty weak. I wonder if coach was activated earlier if Ryan would be our coach. I doubt it, we would probably have Horton.

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