Dilfer does it again (1 Viewer)

Dilfer knows the Saints are more than stats. they play to win and they play to the last second. Because of that he knows we have a chance every single game. He also knew how important the game was, how vulnerable the Falcons are against Brees, and the fact that we are getting healthy again.
Im kind of surprised that Brees is makinmg so many errors lately, but the Oline is playing so poorly it is worrying going into the playoffs. But if any player can make up for it, it is Brees. His pocket awareness under extreme pressure is unparalleled. Only QB IN HISTORY to throw 400 completions for 3 consecutive years. Highest completion percentage in history last year. I mean seriously, if hes not a first ballot hall of famer Im burning down Canton.
Said we are the best team in the NFC, just as he has said all season long (his words).
I used to hate him when he was the Bucs QB...now, I hang on his every word. Best sportscaster by far.
And once again Chris Berman picked against the Saints. And once again, he was wrong. Love Dilfer.

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