ESPN Poll - Which Team From The NFC Has Best Shot To Win The Super Bowl??? (1 Viewer)


Oct 7, 2006
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I guess it took us beating the Falcons for people to realize the truth.

As long as NFL Network sees this and uses it as reason to pull that play 60 add I'll be good
Why pink? :rant: J/k. I can live with this. See how quickly everyone jumped off the Falcons' wagon? Gotta love it.

Pennsylvania, typical :jpshakehead:
Falcons aura of being undefeated at home has come to an end. Now anyone can beat them at home, come on Panthers!
It's a little disconcerning that the carolina fans are conceding to the Failcons in this poll...
I see the Saints hate in Vikings country is still going strong.
After seeing the Vikings upstage Philly anything can happen any given day.

I bet you that fans in Philly, St.Louis and Chicago are all rooting for the Falclowns next weekend. They don't want to face the Saints at home in the Dome if the team should somehow manage to get the #1 seed
Why all the love for the Falcons in the north? Would this be yet another "Eff You" from all of our friendly Vikings fans?

Do you guys think if I called the Top 40 Station in Minneapolis and requested Cee Lo Green on behalf of all Saints fans that they would play it for us???
What up w the 2 Gray States? Internet not fully implemented throughout the MidWest?

Nope, not yet. We use morse code to generate messages to friends in the south, who keep us updated on what's going on with the interwebz.

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