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Aug 1, 2005
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The other day a neighbor and I went to Lowe's in Houma. Afterwards, he wanted to go over to Home Depot. I told him I don't shop at Home Depot ever... He asked why, and I told him Arthur Blank owns Home Depot and the failcons. He said he didn't care, but that he is a Saints fan. I told him he must be a bandwagon fan at best if he's willing to give money to the failcons. I didn't go with him.

Anyway, my question is simple: am I the only one here who won't shop at home depot because it's a failcons store?

I'm old enough to truly remember the old NFC West days and I honestly still hate the failcons and the 40-whiners equally, but I still won't shop at home depot. Is it just me?
It is my understanding that he only owns (approximately) a 1.5% stake in Homey Depot (which isn't exactly chump change, but still...). I believe he is also the Chairman of the "PGA Superstore" chain/brand, as well as owning the Falcons, an MLS team and the hideous stadium in Atlanta.

While there are some businesses that I will refuse to patronize due to their ownership or ethics, HD isn't one of them. I live roughly 1 mile from a Home Depot and about 1.5 miles from a Lowe's. I choose to go to HD most of the time because they are better stocked and their employees seem better trained to assist customers. This may not be the case everywhere, but it is near me.
I would never shop at Home Depot in Atlanta or even Georgia but that’s the limit of my hate.
My town has a Lowes and no Home Depot, so it's not even optional unless I want to drive another 30 something miles or so.
I would never shop at Home Depot in Atlanta or even Georgia but that’s the limit of my hate.

Living in Atlanta, I try like heck to avoid it but sometimes it has what Lowes doesn't or a better quality something than what Lowes has. It's rare though. Usually, I make the drive.
Home Depot currently takes in more than 100 billion a year in revenue.

your $50 will surely not be missed.

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