For the love of the good lord people!!!! (1 Viewer)

What about Duece MacAllistar, Drew Breez, and Scott Fajita?

That's a hot girl in your aviator.

On any given Sunday, an NFL team can upset its opponent, thanks to parody.
what about butch , mchenzie ,carlston,and corny
I agree, it isn't hard -

Sean Payton - is head coach of the New Orleans Saints.

Peyton Manning - is QB for the Colts and son of Saints' legend Archie Manning

Deuce McAllister - not Duce (that's Staley) or Duece

Marques pronounced simply Marcus Colston - not Marquise, Mar keys, Marquist (John Clayton pronounced it Marquist just this morning).

Enough of my being a grammar/spelling nazi, I need coffee stat......
Your write. Lern propper speling and grammer.
Ooops, I had to edit the above to make some corrections.
I agree, learn how to spell the name of the Coach of the Year.
I like it when they use our QB's name in the possessive form incorrectly: "Has anyone else seen Bree's stats?" (That would make his name "Drew Bree")
Dont git mee starded: Cuz ewe no howe eye feele aboute dee spilling poleese.... I do mean this in jest, as an educator of maftamatics...... :)
I do make my students write using correct grammar and punctuation.
When they get a master's degree, then and only then, can they poke fun at the English language.
two plucks two be foe!!!!
Of course foe is an enemy...........

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