Forecast: Saints-Falcons rivalry could go to new level (1 Viewer)


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Dec 28, 2006
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Cordova, TN
As the kids like to say, “Things are about to get real.” The Saints finished off their final inferior opponent of 2010 Sunday and enter the home stretch full of possibilities. The Saints have their flaws (too many turnovers on offense, inconsistent special teams) but who in the NFC is perfect? atlanta is really good but the difference between them and New Orleans is a missed Garrett Hartley field goal.
The Saints ruining Atlanta’s season would satisfy just as much as them winning the Super Bowl. If the Saints beat Atlanta in the playoffs especially in Atlanta and don’t win the Super Bowl I’ll be happy. I’ve seen the Saints win a Super Bowl but I’ve never seen them crush the dreams of 70,000 Falcon fans. Couldn’t the Saints beat the Falcons in the playoffs AND WIN THE SUPER BOWL? I’m not sure God loves me that much. If I had to choose one I choose ruining the Falcons season. Is my hate for Atlanta irrational? YES. Does the thought of two more games with Atlanta both thrill and horrify me? Oh yes. Most exciting December in Saints history? Most exciting December in Saints history.

good read, loved that part.
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I think Arthur Blank left a hefty bribe for the NFL schedulers in that bus used for the annoying Play 60 commercial featuring the Falcons.
Before last year, maybe I could have agreed with this, but not now:

If the Saints beat Atlanta in the playoffs especially in Atlanta and don’t win the Super Bowl I’ll be happy.

Now, I want to see us create a dynasty while it's "Our Time," just like New England has done.
what's amazing is, this could be "the most exciting december in saints history"... or it could all pretty much be settled by next week.

this weekend = HUGE!!
As much as I want to see us beat Atlanta on a fake field goal in overtime to end their season, that's not enough.
Gotta have the chrome that they wished was in their dome.
Minny last year was practice. Atlanta this year the real steal
Malcolm Jenkins and Roman Harper are on a turnover creating frenzy. They might not have the name recognition but you’d be hard pressed to find a better safety tandem in the league
Gotta love this!!

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