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Apr 20, 2000
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On December 19th 2009 we entered a game against these cowboys with a 13-0 record with all intentions to moving to 14-0. We we ended up doing in that game is committed 3 turnovers and lost the 1st of 3 games. We only converted on 1 3rd down play in the game. Our QB was sacked 4 times. Now in the end we achieved our goals in the playoffs, but we left wins on the field last year and we have done it again this year. We have steadily improved over the last 3 weeks. We are keeping pace with the Falcons and we are taking care of our business. If we don't handle our end of things it doesn't matter what anyone else does.

The Cowboys come into this game on a 2 game winning streaks, but streaks are made to be broken. Despite what has happened over the last two weeks it is time to show them that nothing has changed. The direction of our franchise and the direction of theirs are not the same. They have had their time. Its still our time now. The Cowboys are going down in the house the Jerry Jones Built. When we finish with them, Jerry Jones and the rest of the Cowboys fans in attendance will know that the Saints truly are the better team. Let's go out there an win this damn game! No Doubt!

Finish every play, Finish every Quarter, Finish every game.
Ignore the doubters. Believe in each other. Believe in the team.
Never get complacent. Winning is hard work, it will never come easy
Initiate the fight. Don’t wait for them to take the fight to you, you take the fight to them.
Stand Tall. If you make a mistake, Stand Tall, get back out there and make it right.
Help each other. Learn from each other. Everyone has something to offer. Use It.

Frank The Rat
Go Saints!!!!
You should start a podcast with these. I really wanna hear someone fired up saying these! Come on let him do it.
In this game, if we stop reacting to what others are doing and force them to react to what we are doing, then we will win this thing walking away.
Yep, that Dec.19th game really broke my heart. Its our time. Lets go hunt Saints. GW defense will be laying some wood down today...
Get in there!!! Nice one as always Frank. Cant wait for work to finish then home to watch the game live. Bring it onnnnnnnnnnn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good job on short rest!!

Hey, I heard Belichick is keeping his short and to the point today:

"This is not the Super Bowl, man! This is Detroit!!"

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