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Sep 30, 2004
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Baton Rouge
What's happenin everyone? First of all, new site, new saints, not so bad good job Andrus i can get used to this. Anyway, I will be attending a dinner in Thibadeaux tonight with my dad and immediately following the dinner, Mike Detillier will take the podium (sp?), talk saints for 15-20 minutes, then field questions. I plan on asking a bunch of questions, so feel free to shoot me some suggestions and I'll post a recap on his answers to yall's questions tomorrow. Have a good one and Happy Halloween.
Sounds like a good time...

Ask him what he thinks the biggest weakness is on the Saints at this point, and what their #1 priority should be next offseason.

Ask him if knows anything about the disappearance of Devery Henderson.

Ask him if he's heard anything about the Saints plans for Charles Grant and his contract.

Ask him if Adrian McPherson is still a member of the Saints (IR) and if the Saints staff still thinks he could become a contributing member of this team.

Thanks dude... Have a good time.
what positions are the saints targeting in the draft next year. will the saints remain in N.O. what is the biggest contributing factor in the saints success this year.
First of all, please be sure to let Mike know how much we enjoy his Q&A's.

My questions are:

1) what capacity do you think Coach Payton will be using M. Lewis in? Will he line up as WR or just Special teams?

2) Do you think that Coach Payton made a statement to his players by not bringing in any free agents for depth, prior to the trade deadline? I still think that we could use some help at DB and there were some quality players that he could have brought in, but he didn't. Was this his way of saying, "I believe in the guys I have."?

Thanks in advance.
Ask him how smart it is that Sean Peyton is our Offensive Coordinator as well as our head coach. This may be a huge advantage, preventing other teams from "cherry picking" from our team that has happened to so many teams.

It's obviously affected the Cowboys.
ask him if the team thinks of stinchcomb as the long term answer at RT....
Looks like you have plenty, but here are two more you might consider:
Has the play of Jeff Faine surprised him ?
What are the cap implications of keeping Deuce and Reggie the next couple of years?

when do we see Tommy Polley on the field?

Well, I can answer when it won't be -- not this year, he was put on IR back in preseason.

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