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Feb 28, 2006
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Before the website was modified there was a post on here with a link to an offname guitar site that had inexpensive but decent guitars.If whoever posted it reads this and can repost it,I would deeply appreciate it,Im trying to get a starter for my son for christmas.
Agree on the Agile rec, ordered an AL-3000 a few days ago, hopefully I can still agree after it arrives. AL-2000 and ST-802 are their most affordable LP and Strat copies and get decent reviews, used ones are on ebay but you lose the good return policy. The SX brand is more hit or miss, made in China instead of Korea so QC isn't the same. is a forum devoted to Rondo brands, Harmony Central has a good general review database.
I bought my daughter a mid sized Johnson acoustic guitar for $60 I play it all the time. When I picked it up in the store I couldn't believe how good it sounded my buddies get a kick out of it because it's hot pink but even guitar pickers can't believe how well it sounds.
I've also been pleased with Godin brand (Seagull, LaPatrie, Art and Lutherie) guitars for affordable acoustics.

If you plan to get him a practice amp Roland (micro cube, cube 15x, etc) and Vox (AD15VT) make popular ones at a decent price.
Got mine in Wednesday, pleased with it so far, now if only I could play decently.



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