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Mar 14, 2006
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Drew Brees - True Saint

‘Number 9’ could very well be this year’s MVP and he’s definitely the team’s saving grace. But it was this recent act of class that makes me realize Brees was a godsend.

"El Supremo"

Drew Brees, class act.

I was sitting at the hotel bar/restaurant when I saw a family of three having dinner. They were wearing Saints swag. Good rule of thumb: when traveling to an away, anyone wearing your colors is a friend. I pulled up a chair for a chat. Turns out they weren’t in town for the game; they lived here, but not because of Katrina. Their two-year-old son has leukemia and it turns out Pittsburgh is well-equipped to handle such a thing. So they’ve been living in the Steel City for almost a year, dying to get back home but trying to keep their baby alive.

Somehow, Brees, who happened to be staying in the same hotel, hears about them, walks into the restaurant and goes straight to their table and sits down. He must have spent 10 minutes with that family, shaking hands, taking pictures and even held the baby. Now that’s the type of guy I want leading my team.

LINK here--> More other story, too:
The Steelers have no cheerleaders, that I never knew.
i do have to admit, although i did love aaron brooks for what he did and for his mostly unrecognized potential, drew brees has been night and day better.... he has a ton of heart, makes smart decisions, and you never feel out of a game with him running the ship....
Wow! El Supremo, a man that can dress stylish and write a good read. Nice! :)

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