Grade R.Goodell’s Draft Performance (3 Viewers)

Grade R.Goodell’s Draft Performance

  • Grade A + ( He was Great, Hilarious, Showed he is not a Mean Person)

    Votes: 8 5.1%
  • Grade B ( It was okay not great)

    Votes: 21 13.5%
  • Grade C (Whatever)

    Votes: 10 6.4%
  • Grade D (Not Funny at all, Lame, Still a Clown)

    Votes: 31 19.9%
  • Grade F ( See Grade D & is awful human being, Also might have drinking problem)

    Votes: 86 55.1%

  • Total voters
Roger is a dork and looked like a robot trying to act like he had real emotions and cared about the players. He clearly doesn't. He looked totally uncomfortable trying to act like he was just one of the guys and trying to look like he was relaxing in that chair.

Anyway, despite that, I have to be honest, I though this draft telecast was better than the last several years. They went from having guys ride boats to the podium to a much simpler process. I liked this better. It seemed to move faster and there was more talk about the players rather than crowd shots, shots of the set, and announcing who would be announcing the next pick. Overall just more talking football and less bullshirt.
Clearly, if you voted....

A+, you thought R. Goodell was the guy in the latest Netflix comedy special
B, you thought R. Goodell was a member of the cast of Hamilton
C, you are a soccer fan who pulls for whoever is winning in a particular year
D, you are a devoted Saints fan, but also a good person who doesn't hold a grudge
F, you are among the most intelligent and diehard of Saints fans who recognize that Goodell is the devil incarnate, a drunken overpaid fool who kicks dogs and visits old folks homes to pinch the residents and steal their pudding
I'll give him minor props for trying to be a good sport, acting like he's fully in on the booing thing, but he's such an overblown windbag, he couldn't actually pull it off. He was definitely tipsy and on his way to full three sheets to the wind by the end of each night. He clearly was worse the second night than the first as he was slurring nearly everything he said.

But overall, this draft was a lot of fun. Not being able to do all the Barnum and Bailey stupidity helped a lot. The one thing that didn't work was having a celebrities singing songs from their houses here and there. That was utterly stupid, and a waste of everyone's time. Tell me about the kids being drafted. I don't want to hear some country or pop dork singing a lame song he/she made up while bored to death from being locked in his/her house for four or five weeks. Everything else was great, though. Felt much more real and like we were almost a pat of it.
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