Harper run down by Bradford (1 Viewer)


Jan 9, 2007
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Man had to be one of the funniest moments in a while. He'll never hear the end of it
It really looked like he was unsteady in his sprint. I'm glad he didn't try to overdo it and pull something.

But yeah, I'm sure he'll catch some hell from it.
did ivory get hurt again? for the 18th game in a row?
I thought he felt a twinge in his hammy and just said to heck with it
He slowed down right at the tail end as we was going OOB. I thought maybe he was trying to let the offense get back on the field to let the D get at least a little bit of a breather. They've been on the field a lot this game...for all the right reasons.
Funny thing was Harper looked like he was running really fast, but for some reason he just wasn't gaining any ground and Bradford just kept getting closer and closer LOL. Scary almost.
i think he knew it wasn't a fumble so he didn't try to push it.
Roman Harper's neck was run down by Sam Bradford. Roman Harper appeared to have weighed it down too much.
anybody else with the saints defense on their fantasy team, ticked off because harper got caught? lol
Harper knew Bradford was about to catch him and to save face and prevent being tackled from behind by a QB (the ultimate FAIL), he sneaked out of bounds. But the damage had already been done. LOL

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