Has anyone spotted Florio in NO? (1 Viewer)


Mar 1, 2012
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The guy isn't a hero to me, but he didn't allow himself to be manipulated by the all powerful NFL P R machine and always pointed out the onfield play of Saints never resembled the team Goodell said we are/were.

He threw us a few bones and I bet he is getting lots of free drinks. I'd buy him one.
Damnit, I saw him yesterday on radio row and wanted to say hi, thank you and ask if he knew anything about what conditions were not met to get our 2nd pick back. I looked up and he was in a hurry moving right past before I had a chance to say anything...just a head nod.

I saw a ton of known press and athletes throughout the day though, great experience! Too bad I feel like Chris Farley when in front of famous folk. See: Watch Saturday Night Live: The Chris Farley Show online | Free | Hulu

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