Has there ever been a season where the league is so tight (1 Viewer)


Aug 27, 2001
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I mean look at the records, Last year there were two teams Our Saints and the Colts that went undeafted. The Colts lost their 2 games last year and the Saints lost their last 3. Now this year looks like no one can't escape this season. I guess it's true what they said anything can happen in this leauge.
not even close - by week 4 it seemed like the strangest season ever - and now it's about to get the most down-to-the-wirest (yes that's a word)
This is the logical extension of the league's emphasis on parity. Soon we will see a season where every team is 8-8. And when that day comes, the seas with thrash with fury. The dead will rise from their grave. Demons and angels will do battle in the heavens. And Vince Lombardi will return from beyond to cleanse the Earth with fire.
No. USA Today had an article about this last week. Couple that with the emphasis on division games to finish the year and you have the most exciting season finish in recent memory.

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