Heads up... Saints/Rams Shortcuts @ 5:30 CST (1 Viewer)

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For all DirectTV subscribers they will air the Saints shortcuts at 5:30, and the Rams at 6 on channel 705.

I'm not sure if this is available to other dish networks but I'm looking at the Pats/Bears now on DirectTV, and the Saints are next.

Edit... Its only available to Sunday Ticket subscribers...
They start looping the shortcuts at midnight on 704 & 705.

But... if you have an HD DVR, they are available On Demand -- the receiver has to be connected to your network. I download the Saints highlights and Saints shortcuts every week to re-watch.

One word about On Demand though, they expire on Thursday morning -- so even if you downloaded it, it will drop off your DVR when it expires. That happened to me once.

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