Hope for a Great Game Tomarrow! (1 Viewer)


Mar 14, 2006
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Electric Land
Here's to a terrific Football game in the Ray Jay tomarrow between our 2 fine football teams!
Hope for a injury free close ballgame!
May the Best team win!
I will be watchin it chompin on some wings and rootin on the Bucs!
If my Bucs cannot make it this year,I really would love to see the Saints go all the way!
What a great story that would be,your team deserves it more then anyone!
Hope yall enjoy the ballgame!
It was a great game earleir this season in the Superdome!
Ya gotta love them nail biting games!I am only 37 and got grey hair already!
I blame it on all the close games the Bucs have been in for many years!LoL
Thanks SPECTER...right back at ya...yea...I feel this will be another nail biter...especially since we'll be playing at your home...I expect to see a good rock em sock em football game as usual...hopefully we keep Gradkowski at bay this time around...Good Luck....:9:

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