How many of these could your under-20 children name? (1 Viewer)

This picture popped up on my Facebook feed and I wondered if my kids could name a single one of these. Haven't seen them today to ask yet, but my guess is zero. Which demonstrates a massive parental failure on my part. For the rest of you, how do you think yours would do?

no Megatron?
no Megatron?
It's actually a very narrow age group that could name those. It's called GenX. No boomers know who those guys are either.

Millennials will be doing this with Pokémon in 20 years.
my 19 year old just walked by - he knew gargamel right off the bat... none of the others - i find that a little surprising
G.I. Joe and Transformers are about to be in the same comic book universe.
I read that that was going to happen. I'll have to look into it. I used to get books via Comixology but the changes drove me away. Haven't gotten any books in quite a while. Wish there was an alternative.
could have sword that they always were

i seem to remember Marvel crossovers in the 80s?
Crossovers were more common back then. But now they're both being grouped with a third, new comic in what's bring called the ENERGON UNIVERSE.

The first in the group is called Void Rivals and they have already featured some from the Transformers universe.

I just read a review copy of Transformers #1 (out next month). It's really interesting.

G.I. Joe is kicking off with two one-shots (Duke and Cobra Commander).

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