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How many wins?

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Jan 3, 2006
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Vote on how many wins and we'll check back at the end of the season.
I went 9, but I think it's going to be closer to 7 again. We have too many issues in the O-line and the secondary is one injury away from being a train wreck.
The Saints have me confused as heck, so I don't know. It was an ugly preseason, not because of the 4 Ls, but just the overall level of play. Oline concerns me most by far and a young defense that will make some mistakes.

Screw it - 11 wins. :rock:
I feel good about 9 but I'll say 10. Sweep TB and ATL and split with Carolina and we are in a good spot. We aren't great but NFCS will be weak.
I think the Defense will be VASTLY improved, especially in the second half of the season. I went with 10 wins. I hope for 11, the bottom could fall out also, but I am sticking to 10-6, Wildcard and NFC Championship Game vs. Arizona.
while our ones were in there they looked pretty good. I feel if they get into a rhythm, both offense and defense, and barring more injuries, 10 wins looks doable. I think getting Peat settled in at left guard will pay dividends later in the season.
I think Sean Payton really wanted to win at least 1 reason game and have some kind of momentum instead of loosing all four like last year, as BAD as the offensive line is and the strong possibility that Peat is a bust 6 wins, hope iam wrong!

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