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Aug 19, 2001
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Metry...Missing Lafayette.
Ok, like most of you, I prefer to have the Saints be off the radar and no one in the national media talking about them. It is nice however, to hear the talking heads mention MVP and Drew Brees in the same sentence!

I dont think EVER in my lifetime as a Saints fan have I heard those letters and a Saints player being talked about.

Oh and how about Haz.....

"12. Marc Bulger is having the season of his career, but he's not the reason the Rams aren't going anywhere. This is: Over the past two weeks, Tomlinson and Larry Johnson shredded them for 50 carries, 355 yards (a 7.1-yard average) and three touchdowns. Unless you have Peyton Manning you don't go far if you can't stop the run ... and St. Louis can't."

It looks like some things will never change!
I remember after the first Ram's game there were alot of talking heads out there saying that Haslett had totally turned around the Ram's Defense and this guy needed a Head Coaching job!

Right....and Oakland is loving Aaron Brooks too.

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