I got my first taste of what it's like to be a celebrity (1 Viewer)

Sep 27, 2006
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This weekend, my girl and I came over for the game and broke out the halloween costumes on Bourbon Saturday night. I was Duece and she was a ref. Well, the response that I got in that outfit exceeded all my expectations. Everywhere we went, there were people yelling "Deuuuuuuuuuce!!" I even got 3 or 4 requests for pictures. I think my girlfriend was a little bewildered because she thought that I was getting more attention than she was...and she was pretty smokin. Anyway, it just opened my eyes to how much Saints fans love this guy. I hope our front office can find a way to retain him so that he can wear the black and gold until the end of his career.
/this thread is useless without pics (of your girl :hihi:)
Deuce always gets the chicks!


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Dude ,I'm not too sure about you looking like Duece but you're right you ole lady is friggen smokin' Nice job!!
David, I have to call ILLEGAL USE OF THE HANDS! on this one...
The unfortunate thing is that I thought that after Sat night, I would have all the refs in my back pocket. What happen Sunday?....The most penalized game of the year. Go figure!!
After further review, there's no flag for roughing the referette or illegal hands to cheek. Carry on. :hihi:
After further review.... the call stands... She is smokin', Touchdown Saint David!

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