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Sep 11, 2006
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New Iberia, LA
Let's pretend for a moment we are on ESPN, or whichever Sports channel/magazine you like/hate most. You be John Clayton or Joe Theismann. What is your crazy baseless statement for the day?

Try it, it's fun!

I will start:

I guarantee that T.O. will not be playing in the NFL in 2007!
I guarantee that this idea is dumb.

Just kidding.

I wondered how long it would take to see that reply.. wow only one. Dunno, just trying to get something going other than "Reggie is having trouble running".

Oh well. :)

Okay i'm sorry. Now I feel like a big jerk that tries to ruin everyones fun.
I garauntee Bill Parcells will continue to be a mediocre coach while he will be continued to talked about as one of the greatest ever!
I guarantee the Saints will collapse, and the Bucs will win the division.
I guarantee that my inside sources tell me (Clayton) that Nick Saban will actually murder at least one of his medical staff by season's end.
i guarantee pitt will beat the saints even with the biggest bust(Bush) even with six turnovers lol
I guarantee that Carolina will win the division. (Actually this was said today).
I guarantee that Damon Huard will have more rushing yards than Reggie Bush on Sunday.
I guarantee that the Houston Texans are angry for not selecting Marques Colston with the #1 pick.

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