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Jun 21, 2006
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But Im am for a min here, can you guys imagine the squad we will have after beefing up our D next yr, finding a TE thats worth a S*&^. And these young player having this year under their belt. Playoffs this year...SB next year fellas.. and we will rule the NFC...Yeah... Hell yeah...GEAUX SAINTS !!!!!!
I agree with you 100%. I think we are a playoff team this year but we're not quite a Super Bowl team yet. I think we have the offense to get there but our defense is missing a few pieces such as cornerback and a good MLB. If we address those needs in the offense we'll definitely be a Super Bowl team in my opinion.
We have free agency, the '07 draft and a staff that recognizes talent...this team definitely should be favored as one of the best in the NFC next year if they can keep upgrading that D.


the odds of a first year coach finding all the missing pieces and to get them to buy into his philosophy and play disciplined and as a team is almost astronomical.

The odds will be greatly improved next year! :aduncan:

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