I just made it to Atlanta! (1 Viewer)

Dec 23, 2010
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Pretty much the only people who are around down town right now are Saints fans. At least half of the cars that we saw on the way up had Louisiana plates. Who Dat Nation will be out in force tomorrow as more arrive later tonight and early tomorrow. Lets make it a Black and Gold Georgia Dome! Be loud Saints fans, be very loud! WHO DAT!!!
Some friends are driving up tomorrow morning. What kind of weather is it there now?
Good to hear. Have fun and be careful!
We were gonna go today, but the weather looked bad, we're leavin tomorrow morning, glad your trip was safe! WHO DAT!!
What did you expect... People from Asslanta = crab people from South Park. They are souless creatures who wear shells of what is popular and which live underground.


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Staying at the Sheraton.... Bell boy made a commit that the Who Dat Nation has taken over the hotel more than ever before! Chat with one of the Saints players on Facebook and he stated they are staying at the Westin Hotel but would'nt tell me which one... Anybody knows?
It has to be the one in Peachtree Plaza, that's the only Westin in town. I doubt they are staying in Buckhead or at the airport. It's on 210 Ptree street.
Also noticed the highway was full of Saints fans and Louisiana liscense plates... Should be well represented..... WHO DAT!
The Dome collapsed from the snow. The game is being played at Ga. Tech stadium.

LOL, umm yeah...that's right..

Jedi, did you know Lenox Mall is still open? I thought they had demolished that place years ago. Learn something new every day.

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