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Jul 8, 2001
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I really do. It helps me sleep at night. I just keep it on that soft hum when I sleep and it is back to the womb baby, all night long. Until I wake up. I use XM radio, I have no idea if Sirius has it on their dial.

I can't tell you one artist that makes this type of music. I have never seen a new age show. I guess Yanni would be one of those guys but all I know about him is that he looks a little like Jesus.

Praise your love for new age music right here.
I hate to admit it, but the wife has a couple of Enya CDs and I really dig 'em. And she does write and perform all the instruments. but still.

This music is terrible! It's cheesy but lame, and eerily soothing at the same time! /Stan
Used to like the early stuff - Shadowfax, Michael Hedges and other Windham Hill music circa mid 1980's. I haven't listened to any of that since I moved out of my mom's in like 1987 though. :shrug:


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