i really hate ray lewis (2 Viewers)

They replaced Steve McNair with Vince Young

Holy rambling homocidal idiot batman!
haha, good point. didn't even think of that
Yeah and they just hate Eddie George although he might be mixed!
Racism? I dont think so, that was just a stupid move by the Titans FO. VY is black and P. Manning and B Favre are both still playing on their respective teams. I dont see racism in this case.
Ray Ray is getting older... he will probably be banned from the Ravens facility soon anyway. Not that something like that would ever happend to Ulracher.
haha, good point. didn't even think of that

Yeah I mean teams never heartlessly dump its former franchise QB (Joe Montana). The idea of a team deciding it's heart and soul is washed up (Archie Manning), and then getting rid of it without consideration for the player or fans (Johnny Unitas) is completely unheard of in professional football (Ron Jaworski).

Obviously race related
Anytime you hear the phrase, "I don't ever want to turn it into a black-white issue," expect it to be turned in to a black/white issue.

Calling racism for stuff like this makes me mad because it degrades the experiences of all who suffer or have suffered through true racism.

A more appropriate article would be one where Ray Lewis talks about murder cases and celebrity status. He knows a thing or two about how people are treate differently under our justice system when they are rich and famous.
Mcnair was never a payton manning or brett farve, I thought he was the weak link in the Baltimore ravens, but better than what they have had. Black and White in the NFL? Reggie has the best selling jersey, what color is he? I am probably Biased to Stats and rings and even big play returners and WRs, but not color.
The comparisons to Favre and Manning are rediculous. Manning is still at the top of his game and has years left. And both of those guys have never missed a game. McNair had missed 12 games in his last 3 seasons at Tennessee, including 10 from the last two years.
if someone starts a sentence with this

"I don't ever want to turn it into a black-white issue,"

it usually means that they will turn it into a black-white issue
McNair was owed over 20 million dollars this year towards the salaray cap if he was still on the team. If he had been injured at the Titans' facilities, they would've owed him that, and their salary cap would've been royally ******. Yeah, its racism.....
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Ray Lewis should not even be playing football. He should be 25 yrs from parole..

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