Im A Little Worried About The Run Defense and The Offensive Line (1 Viewer)

mrs saintsation

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Oct 28, 2010
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The one thing I'm a little worried about in the Tampa game and the playoffs is consistency. My hope is that the defense continues the same level of play they displayed Monday and the offensive line protecting Drew .I know GW will prepare the defense as much as possible ,but we all know the guys have to want it themselves. The offensive line has got to learn to be more consistent with their jobs in order for the run and passing game to be established.Hopefully,Coach Payton will not put Drew at risk if he notices J.Bushrod getting manhandled and continue placing Zack over there to help out with blocking. I think there have been times this season when Coach Payton has tried to let Bushrod handle that side himself and Drew was sacked. I truly believe the guys can do it again if they really want it and are not satisfied with the season we had last year. I would appreciate feedback from every WHO DAT that can give me their insight on this subject.
If the defense plays like it should, then I think the Saints will be good against the Bucs and Blount. However there is always a chance for a let down. I do agree that the offensive line needs to play well and consistent. That will be key in the playoffs.
I will admit it will be interesting to see if we can stop another very good ground game in the Bucs.

I hope so.

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