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Compensating for something else if you ask me.

If he got that enlarged, it would be crazy, but at least it would make some sense. Getting calf implants it about the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Letting them put it in the paper is even more dumb.
He obviously has some sort of mental condition or something.
I can think of better ways to spend that money. But, hey, his body, his moolah. I bet he looks like a dork. His claves are probably bigger than his thighs.
I saw something like this awhile back on one of those MTV True Life shows.. Some guy who obviously worked out and stayed in shape and whatnot but couldn't get any definition in his calves got calf implants.. Strange thing to get enlarged, but whatever..
Eww, that's creepy and completely unattractive.

This is exactly what I think when I see a woman with DD implants.

But that's cool, right? Using implants to get a guy interested is wonderful!

Frankly, I'm a bit heartened to see men using plastic surgery to make themselves feel more attractive. It's just good that society is influencing matter their gender.

Now, if only surgery could bring about the "Apollo" ("Battlestar Galatica") change....I'm alll for that! Dondes los yikes! (*growl*)
I don't think he is nutz for wanting to have this done. I personally wouldn't go under the knife for surgery that was not neccesary. There was a time when I would have considered it. I always hated my legs, I can't build up my calves for anything.....Lots of weights, and barely a difference.
I am so going to do that.

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