In what week can Ninkovich return? (1 Viewer)


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Jun 15, 2002
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He was out in the ATL game and it was 8 weeks right? So he would be able to return in week 11? Has anyone heard anything about him lately? I think he would help keep the dline fresh when playing teams like the Giants and even Atlanta. I didn't see another post about this and I was just curious if it was week 11 and if anyone heard any news?
He was put on IR...which means he was lost for the season.....
Alas, he is lost to us for the season...

The silver lining on this cloud of woe is that both he and Harper got hurt early in the season, and they'll have more time to rehab...
Week 1 2007 season, this assuming we don't draft another defensive end next April.

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