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Mar 16, 2005
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Deloach's neck--
Simoneau's hand--
Fred's thumb--
Steck's ankle--

Especially mark's hand---

Any News?
I like it when Payton says stuff like, "Mark's got a little hand" I just laugh my tail off and say that must be rough on his wife.
Payton is waiting on Thomas to see how he does with the cast thing they have to put on there. Simoneau I heard was like a hairline thing, Payton didn't seem too worried about it but we'll see, you never know with those things.
This Doesn't look good

huh?? questionable, probable, whatever....they just say those things to keep the other team guessing....i would imagine most of those guys will play to some extent
S Bryan Scott Probable Foot
DE Will Smith Questionable Knee
TE Ernie Conwell Out Knee* (to Injured Reserve)
RB Aaron Stecker Questionable Ankle
CB Fred Thomas Probable Thumb
WR Marques Colston Questionable Ankle*
LB Mark Simoneau Questionable Hand*
WR Joe Horn Questionable Groin*

*did not participate in portion of team drills

We are getting a little banged up....
Will Smith Questionable!!!! Knee!!!!
I didn't see this in the last game, does anyone know any more information on this?

I remember him getting hurt but he did return in Atlanta. Don't know if it was a bruise or hyperextension. He got hurt on a Vick tackle.

Hopefully he can play. He is having a good year.
I saw that he had went out in that game, twice actually. I guess if it was a knee and he was able to come back into the game it must not have been that bad. I don't know why his status would be questionable now, though.
Whitehead can play for Will. He did well against Vick and should be adequate this weekend.

I'm more concerned about Horn and Colston being out. Even though Devery has come on strong recently this means that Copper will have to start. This will hurt our passing game a lot. I expect to see a lot of passes to the TE's and to the RB's this Sunday.

Clark can play for Simoneau. He is actually better against the than Simoneau and can help improve our run defense.

We need Fred because we are already thin at DB's and Craft and Stoutmire play out of position too much.

We should be able to rest some people against the 49ers and still win. We'll need them back when we travel to Dallas for the BIG game.

I expect most everyone on that list who is not on IR to play. No way does Joe miss this game down the stretch and you can bet Colston wants back in. I wouldn't worry....yet.
Off course this is just speculation, but I believe Colston will be good to go despite being listed as questionable on the injury report. I need Colston, he is one of my fantasy football work horses.
Down another tight end? We only have 3 DE's anyway right? Someone needs to spell our DE's for the stretch run.
I would gladly give up one of our questionables to have Frank Gore sit this one out :)

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