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I see John Abraham will probably be back. (I'm glad Kerney is out as it would be tough with both being healthy and in)

I hope Colston can miraculously play this weekend, but its doubtful
As bad as we need him(Colston), I'd rather have him at 100%. Everyone else will have to step up. Joe Horn and Deuce needs to carry the offense. I sincerly hope that Payton changes the game plan to incorporate the run deuce run plan for this one. We need to protect the defense and control the game!
Questionable doesn't mean he's not gonna play and it's not even a long shot, questionable mostly mean it's 50% chance of playing, but it's probably a good idea for Falcons to gameplan for other players so Colston suiting up will surprise the hell outta them.
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give colston the rest until he's 100%. We had 500+ passing yards last week with him out, so i think we'll be ok until he returns..
Rest Colston one more week, we're going to need him at the end of the season. Those ankle sprains can linger if not healed fully.

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