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Jun 23, 2002
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New Orleans, LA
I'm never into mid-term elections. They are always so anti the present administration. I could be wrong, but, I'd be shocked if the Democrats don't take the House and the Senate. If I recall correctly, it was during the Clinton administration that the Republicans took full control of the House and the Senate, as well. These mid-term elections are always so predictable. It's called checks and balances. Welcome to democracy at work in the United States of America! :D ...and of course, our media will always lead us to think that it is really "shocking," and "a clear sign," etc.... It doesn't matter who is president and who wins, we always hear the same thing. It was just as "shocking," and "unbelievable," when Clinton was president. Some things will NEVER change....
Well, I think this is only like the second time in the last 60 years or so that control of the house has shifted (I could be wrong) so today really was a big day for the Democrats. That said, I feel that the hardcore far left liberals like Nancy Pelosi might soon look back on today as a Phyrric victory. Many of the seats the Dems gained today were won by candidates who are Liberal in name only. A lot of them appear to be (or at least campaigned as such....) just as conservative, if not more so, than the men they replaced.
That's true. What most of the media is failing to admit is that a lot of these "new" Dems have brought some conservative values with them. So this shift of power isn't as shifted as most may think. For example Ex-NO Saint/Skin Democrat Heath Shuler is known to be a Evangelical Christian. I think quite a few Dems are accepting the fact that the U.S. is mostly conservative and ran behind that.
I will say I'm dissapointed with Dem control of the House but optimistic that the U.S. is slowly but surely getting back to it's Jewish-Christian values roots. Scary but true: When asked most anti American (terrorists) groups preferred Democrats also.

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