Is Joe losing his job? (1 Viewer)

Colston was a starter before Horn got hurt. I think Horn's job is safe from Terrance Copper
Horn's still got something left. he will retire a saint.
Horn will be even more dangerous now that Colston is getting all this press. Hes going to get alot more open looks with the defense spying Bush and Colston.
I think it's safe to say that Horn will be the #1 option on fewer pass plays but I think he'll keep the number one receiver title.
I'm doubting Horn will be around after Colston gets his deal, but both should be starting the next couple years. More attention on Colston means good things for the other WRs. Joe would be fine in the slot, if another WR such as Devery can make the step.

We have to spend more on D, to really be a contending squad. Some on OL will also want new deals.
Jeez, two game absence and people are already burying Joe Horn. He's certainly on the downslope of his career but he'll be around another 2-3 years.
I still think Joe is the man but not as our #1. Colston has done alot better then him at #1 the last 2 weeks.
joe loves this team, and knowing that if he had to retire for any reason sooner than he'd like, he could do so with a good feeling. simple as that.
Colston was a starter before Horn got hurt. I think Horn's job is safe from Terrance Copper

Tonight we didnt need Joe to be out. If the same balls had been thrown Joes way that were thrown to copper who dropped critical passes and fumbled. We need Horn back for the Bengals.
We need Horn back for the Bengals.

That's why he didn't play today. No need to risk re-injury (groin), if he's not 100%.

Not only do we need him for the Bengals, we need him for the home stretch.
If Joe is in over Copper, he makes the play at the end of the game and we beat Pitt in OT!!!
joe isn't going to lose anything. we need him more now than ever. we might draft a wr next year to develop over the next two years, but i agree joe will retire a saint.

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