Jimmy Graham to the Bears (Overpaid) (1 Viewer)

Damn. Was hoping he would come back. But after his GB stint I'm just numb to it.
I was wanting him to come back if it was to be a 3rd down and red zone target but that is some starter money there. I would have been quite upset if we signed him for anywhere near that amount.
For sure. That’s just too much money. Not even bothered that the saints didn’t try to match.
I truly marvel at how much Jimmy’s Saints tenure has afforded him. There aren’t too many examples of a non-QB, skill position player being able to live off of past glory -to determine current contracts- for as long as Jimmy has.

Graham is quite literally getting paid for the mind blowing stats he put up while in the Black & Gold. I can’t do anything but tip my cap to his agent. This is impressive to say the least.
Maybe they’re ready to cut-bait on Adam Shaheen. I always liked him; think he has a bunch of upside.

He's under contract for 2020 at $1.27M. I send them a late round or 2021 late round pick for him. TEs develop late and aren't in their prime until 26-28 and he is 26 and will be 27 this season.
Still relevant...
A whole lotta dough for almost Nada. Don't see how the Bears thought he would do well with Trubisky or Bridgewater at the Helm. He struggled with Rogers and Wilson, both of whom will be first Ballot Hall of Famers.

The fact he only really Suceeded in N.O is a testament to Drew's ability.
Jimmy was only Jimmy because of Drew and coach. What's he done since leaving? Let him stay where ever he is. He was a good tight end for us but it was because of us.

Agree to a good extent. Payton schemed him to be a mismatch constantly, and Brees put the ball where only he could catch it. However, Graham in his prime and before injuries was just a nightmare for defenses with his crazy combination of size and speed. It wasn't all Payton and Brees, but he definitely benefited greatly from our offense. I wish him well wherever he's at. I'm not sour at the guy like some are.

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