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Jay Black

Jan 8, 2006
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Portsmouth, VA
How did we look out there

who was our best player

did our DB's play well

how was drew and duece???

Did colston look good


NFL.com won't tell me everything
1st quarter all us 17-0
2nd quarter all them 17-14
3rd and 4th quarter all us 31-14

Colston 11 grabs 123 yards TD
Devery 3 grabs 111 yards 2 TD's
Drew 300+ yards 3 TD's

No running game... Duece 15 carries 32 yards, Reggie 11 carries -5 yards

Defense was solid, only gave up two long drives, other than that very solid.

Offense pretty much moved the ball all day long, except in the 2nd quarter.
when Reggie returned the punt for a TD when the saints beat the Bucs in the Dome, were you calling him a joke then too?
11 carries -5 yards

Reggie is a joke

The running game was not there today. I mean Deuce went 15 for 32, that is not exactly great. TB has an experienced defense and obvously they either shut the run down and made us pass or we just couldn't run. Reggie is still not a joke though.
11 carries -5 yards

Reggie is a joke

That's just ridiculous. The kid is clearly in a new world and trying to learn. He is talented.

Jay- I can see where you're coming from- but after a comment like that, you can NEVER enjoy any success that Reggie may have in the future. You are forbidden from ever cheering for anything Reggie might do.

I hope you're okay with that. The kid clearly has talent and 8 games into his entire career you're calling him a joke.
nfl.com or espn.com

Go to game stats or read the AP writeup. ;)

Recap -

1st Quarter - Saints jump out to a 17-0 lead. On incredible catches by Devery and Colston. Saints D and Bucs O ineptness make it look like a blowout.

2nd Quarter - Bucs make adjustments. The Saints have three straight three and outs. Gradkowski makes two terrific TD throws. Tampa's back in it.

3rd Quarter - Brees takes over and looks like the QB from the first 7 games. Deuce scores a TD on a nice run. Saints D never lets the Bucs O get back on track. 24-14

4th Quarter - Devery scores again on "go route" out runs the defender, beautiful pass from Brees. More good clock mgmt. from the Saints to eat up alot of the fourth. At the end the Payton shows some class by leaving points on the field (kneeled inside the Bucs redzone to kill the clock). 31-14 Final.
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>>More good clock mgmt. from the Saints to eat up alot of the fourth.

If I remember right from the broadcast, it was an 11 play, 34 yard drive that ate up about 9:04 of the 4th Quarter. Good job by Brees and the offense in general for executing when we had to.

C'mon guys...

JB is just baiting you.
He knows how to read the GameDay Thread like everyone else.

He just wanted another opportunity to bash Reggie again.
He didn't get to spew enough anti-Bush venom on his last 'I-hate-Reggie' thread.

>>JB is just baiting you. He knows how to read the GameDay Thread like everyone else.

Who would want to read the gameday thread? I don't bother with that since it's too long. I much preferred the old way where you could click on the topics you wanted to view. /Not this guy


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