Karney blocking for Deuce (1 Viewer)

I think that after being focused on that play by NBC, if Karney have a good game in prime time, then he will be a candidate for the pro-bowl. A Karney-vore eating defenders was one of the best plays I have seen from a full-back in years.
no doubt he is quickly becoming one of the best FBs in the NFL.....and he can catch!!!
That was a great block. I don't know if I've ever seen a fullback take out three defenders at one time. Karney is definitely doesn't get enough praise for what he does. He a great blocker and I don't know if I've seen him drop a pass when the ball is thrown to him.
Does anyone have a picture of Mike Karney blocking the 3 Falcons for [SIZE=-1]Deuce [/SIZE]on his 1st touchdown?
Believe me, I'm looking, and I know a lot of other people on this forum are as well. The closest I've found is this picture from CBS Sportsline:

But, I'm really looking for a shot from the perspective of being behind Karney with the three defenders stacked up like pancakes like FOX showed on their replay of the triple block during yesterday's broadcast.
That's still a great shot of Karney driving up into the block - awesome....

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