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1. Establish the running game- IMO this is the most important key to this game. For starters, it allows us to control time of possession. It also keeps us from being one dimensional(even though Brees has shown that he can do that if needed).

2. Stop the Ravens RB's- This will make them one dimensional. It allows us to tee off on Steve McNair(who is just one hit away from another concussion). He also has not shown the arm strength this year as he has in the past.

3. Win the turnover battle- Like the Chicago Bears, Baltimore relies a lot on the defense putting points on the board. Sometimes there defense might as well be their offense, because they are the only ones who score. We must protect the ball.

4. Use a lot of spread packages- This will allow us to negate the pass rush of Baltimore. They can't blitz, or they will get killed by hot routes.

Just what I could think of off the top of my head.
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Seriously, I think the only thing we have to do is play our game without making mistakes. We play our game with the weapons we have and I don't think anyone can stop us.
Excellent points... all of'em... seriously. But knowing Payton, he'll come out passing the ball to loosen up the Ravens attacking defense. You can't come out and play smashmouth with these guys... that's their stength. Come out with play action... throw some dinks and dunks to the TEs and short/crossing routes to the WRs.

With such an aggressive defense... try running misdirection plays. Throw in a reverse or two... you can't be conventional with these guys. They are very fast on defense, but at the same time they have very smart players.

The one thing that I wish for is PROTECT DREW BREES. I don't think the Ravens are crazy enough to blitz as much as they are known to.... simply because they'll run the risk of being an ESPN top 10... but they'll blitz some times, and we MUST protect our QB because he's what make this scoring machine run.

Other keys are scoring TDs when we get in the red zone.

Protect the ball... yo're absolutely correct about winning the T.O. battle.

Stay disciplined on defense... yes this offense has struggled some this year, but TB rolled up over 400 yards on us with a rookie QB... and McNair is NO SLOUCH by NO MEANS... play aggressive, but smart... get a good pass rush against that banged up O-Line... and TACKLE.

I don't think this will be as close as everyone thinks... Saints win 27-13.
I agree our biggest problem this season has been our red zone offense. not enough touchdowns.
I am worried about Heap. Our linebackers have made some big plays this year because they are aggresive. A good offensive coordinator\head coach will know this about out LB's. He will run early and often and then try to burn us with play action on an obvious rushing down. Heap is the type of player who can get open quickly deep up the seam. If we can stop the run and not give up more than 1 big play deep then we have it in the bag.
you mean this one?

I think Deuce will have a good day, and Reggie is a time bomb waiting to happen, could be this week. On Defense, we need to get bodies on the ball, no arm tackling or over pursuit, and we need to put pressure on McNair. Last but not least, our DB's need to catch those INT's, I think they have been slacking the last two games. I think we will see the TE's show up big in this game too. They have been silent so far this season with the exception of a couple of deep passes and one or two crucial first down catches.
1. Establish the running game- IMO this is the most important key to this game. For starters, it allows us to control time of possession. It also keeps us from being one dimensional(even though Brees has shown that he can do that if needed).

Its going to be tough running on that Raven defense. Just hope we don't abandon the running game. Carolina stayed the course by running the ball 30 times for 58 yds, thats an average of a whopping 1.9 yds a carry. I believe Payton will pass to set up the run because he knows as well as anyone that it is next to impossible to run all day on this defense. At first glance I thought this Raven defense matched up really well vs the Saint offense but good lord when you take a look at this offense and its many weapons the sky is the limit. I now conclude that it will be very difficult for the Ravens to stay in this game. IMO their only chance is to come up tight & press the Saint WR's in an attempt to shut down the short passing attack. I don't expect a large amount of all out blitzing from the Ravens but instead expect to see a good deal of press zone converage in conjunction with timely zone blitzing. IMO thats their only chance to stay in this game. I say this thing gets ugly Saints 31-17

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