Lack of hype for Saints/Giants game. (1 Viewer)


Sep 8, 2008
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I thought after last year record setting game, which was the 3rd highest in NFL history and most TD passes. That this would have been a primetime game, or the main late game on a Fox doubleheader. But instead looking at Fox coverage this weekend its the 3rd game behind Skins-Cowboys and Seahawks-Rams(Buck/Aikman).

Even the past week on the NFL network and Espn there has been very little attention to this game and the same go on the web on sites like Espn, or

And i bet on the pre game shows tommorrow, this game will be near the bottom of the attention its get on Espn,CBS or the NFL network. And even on Fox pre game show i have a feeling that the Skins-Cowboys game will get more attention the Saints game from Bradshaw, Long, Strahan and Johnson.
That's the price we pay being Saints fans when it comes to the media...Everybody on the Cowboys and Redskins because they are big media darlings...The Rams who didn't score a single point last week are playing their first home game in LA since 1994...Those are all bigger stories than Saints/Giants...Anytime the media has something to say about the Saints it's "Well they have Drew Brees but their defense stinks"...That's why I hope the Saints come In with a chip on their shoulders and find a why to beat the Giants.
Yep. If you want hype, you gotta go out there and start beating teams. Make yourself known. It is what it is.
They're silence is telling.

My guess would be that the Media and Talking Heads can't get a clear-cut picture of a giants victory and don't want to stick their necks out with a prediction. Or, god forbid, start a NYC hype train only to have the lowly, after-thought Saints derail it.

It is odd, the lack of talking points, given the massive size of the NY/NJ fan market. Yes, they're silence is telling.

Both of these teams, regardless of last week's outcome, have an equal chance of ripping each other to shreds. The TV folks don't want to appear as though they don't really know what's going to happen, they are way too busy trying to convince us that they've got the inside scoop, the straight skinny, the wisdom & knowledge... and they don't really.
I figure some fans who loves our team, ( such as me ) is not showing interest in this game as well. We must start out winning and stop repeating our losing streak we've had for two years.
Your telling me that in markets like Denver, Chicago, Green Bay, and Minneapolis want to see Cousins vs Prescott over Brees vs Manning.

Well, Cowboys/Redskins is one of the biggest and historic rivalries in the league.

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