Lasco should make this team based off what I saw last night (1 Viewer)


Nov 11, 2009
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He is a powerful runner between the tackles, has good hands, and has some speed to go with it. His best feature may be that he is fearless running down the field on ST. I saw him make 2 tough tackles on kicks where he fought off 2 or 3 blocks and made a very secure tackle like he had been playing LB for a while. If he continues that then he should make this team and someone like Murphy or Hightower may get the pink slip.
From what I have seen so far, he would be playing quite a bit on Sundays. He brings much to the table.
I'd call Lasco a lock. He is showing potential as a runner and pass catcher and he can play on your punt and kick coverage units. Not only does he make the roster, but he'll make the gameday active roster as well. Really intrigued by this kid.

I think if he got some P.T. with the starters, he'd really shine.
I like everything about Lasco. Wouldn't mind seeing him take Cadet or Murphy's spot - if Tommylee Lewis can be a legitimate return man.

There are so many moving parts and it's still so early in the preseason that any real predictions can't be made until at least the roster gets cut down to 70. From there, we'll have a real idea of who the "bubble" players are and can make more informed predictions based on who's left on the team and the health of the different position groups.
I think Payton and Brees are drooling at Lasco's screen potential.

Edit: I don't believe he will be playing ST very long.
This is why we have to trust SP and ML on draft day. I was one of many (if we are honest) scratching my head over the pick.... Looks like a solid addition
1. Ingram
2. Spiller

I see no reason why a player with his skill set and potential be sitting 4th on the depth chart and depending on Tommy Lee Lewis who i also think could be pushing for that 4th or 5th reciever spot ability to contribute as a returner we could see Lasco and Hightower filling out the bottom half of the RB depth chart or Lasco and Murphy\Cadet.
I think he needs to play the ones on the defense next preseason game. He looks good against the guys that will be selling cars in three weeks which is the first test. Now let's see him against better competition and the Texans next week would be great. Let him start.

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What I really, really like about Lasco and a few other young guys is the fact that he plays like he wants it. He's hungry. We need as many athletic, motivated players as possible.
he was the guy I was most excited to see in action last night.....I think he has great potential.

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