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Jul 9, 2001
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I'm sure you all fondly recall our lengthy Liberal Media threads on the old board.

Certainly, you can all recall my insistance that the Peace Movement college kids and news reporters from the Vietnam days have since become the movers and shakers in the media.

To them, the Pentagon is the enemy and our own troops are evil baby killers.

Finally, somebody in Kentucky agrees with me!

Posted on Sun, Nov. 12, 2006
Hippies still trying to ruin the country
By Jenean Mcbrearty

America won't win another war until the 1960s flower children are pushing up petunias.

Radicalized, the flower children morphed into lefty loonies who now masquerade as social progressives. No matter what they rename themselves, however, their agenda hasn't changed.

They still want utopia, and it wouldn't be worth mentioning except that their naivete has aged into a persistent denial of reality that may have devastating consequences.

For example, consider their continued belief that America's armed forces are neo-Nazi stormtroopers who delight in burning babies to further the aims of imperialistic corporations.

Such nonsense, now treated as legitimate by the left-leaning media, denigrates the patriotic values and sincerity of half the nation. It undermines the war effort, insults the dead and the survivors of battle and their families, and supports the aims of the enemy. Translated into immigration or national defense policy, it is an invitation to the world to destroy our country.

Yet, this Vietnam-era idea fixe about the military, despite 40-plus years of proof to the contrary, is understandable when analyzed in the context of the flower children's religious zealotry.

The hippie media were instrumental in building all the IEDs for the insurgents. They were also instrumental in convincing Rummy he could secure Iraq with a thimble full of troops.
Yes, but it took a Kentucky newspaper to do it. This is no accident.
San Francisco to Boot JROTC Programs

SAN FRANCISCO — High schools across the city soon will no longer have Junior Reserve Officers'Training Corps programs after officials decided to eliminate them because of the Pentagon's"don't ask, don't tell"policy regarding gay service members.

The Board of Education voted 4-2 late Tuesday to phase out the JROTC from schools over the next two years, despite protest from hundreds of students who rallied outside the meeting.

The resolution passed says the military's ban on openly gay soldiers violates the school district's equal rights policy for gays.

The school district and the military currently share the $1.6 million annual cost of the program. About 1,600 San Francisco students participate in JROTC at seven high schools across the district.

Cadets and instructors who spoke at the meeting and rallied outside argued that the program teaches leadership, organizational skills, personal responsibility and other important values.

"This is where the kids feel safe, the one place they feel safe,"said Robert Powell, a JROTC instructor."You're going to take that away from them?"

Mayor Gavin Newsom called severing ties with the JROTC"a bad idea"that penalized students without having any practical effect on the Pentagon's policy on gays in the military.,4670,JuniorROTC,00.html

Letter to the Editor:
It is a sad day for the students of San Francisco's public schools. With the elimination of the JROTC program, the school board killed a program that offered an alternative for many students ("School board votes to dump JROTC program," Nov. 15).

The only reason that I can think for this action is the board's fear of an alternative voice on campus; the fear that its "progressive" views will somehow be diluted by students who found a home and a place to grow in the JROTC.

I spent three years as a cadet at Lowell High School's JROTC program. I was shy and reserved as a 10th-grader; when I graduated three years later, I was the deputy battalion commander. I also gained experience as a company commander, teaching a class of 30 cadets. No other school program provided me with that kind of experience. I never once thought about joining the military; it is precisely because there was no military commitment that many students enrolled in JROTC.

The school board does not seem to care about programs that benefit students, just about eliminating competing ideas. This action looks and smells like tyranny, instead of democracy.


San Francisco

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