Looking for tailgaters for the Bucs game Sunday!! (1 Viewer)


Sep 23, 2003
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Who will be in Tampa and at the Bucs game this Sunday?? Im ready to do some heavy tailgating and I dont want to do it with just Buc fans, so whose with me?????
Hey newpac, Mike from Ocean Springs, MS here.... I will be at the bucs game Sunday, my brother-in-law lives in Tampa and got us tickets ( he is a saints fan as well) I will stay tuned and we can try to get some whodats together for some tailgaiting!

By the way .. never been to game in Tampa before.. does anyone know how their fans are ( I will wear my Brees jersey regardless) just curious..

Look foward to getting back to some winning football
Omg, they arent on the level of Philly or Oakland, but they are up there. Remember this though, ive gone to the last 3 games in Raymond James, and only had to deal with one defeat. They get bad though!! They are all bandwagoners, if that helps.

PM me keep me posted on what you are going to do for the game, maybe we will meet up!
I'll be there with 20 guys but we paid extra for our tickets to get the tailgating package. You get all the beer and food you want from 10am till gametime. I think it is a special roped off section.
it's been a long time thenewpac, but u can count me in. time an place p.s have u been hanging out at winners
Hey Hey newpac i'll be at the game on sun, my first game in ray j and i;ll be early if we're gonna meet up just let me know
Jtampa it has been a long time, and I was at Winners this past weekend. I normally go to Beef O Bradys on Himes and Busch, much better place, but some friends were allready at Winners.

Yes we need to get a group going. I dont have a phone, so whoever wants to get together, pm me, and ill get with you. I can call you guys, I just have no where to be contacted at!! So, whose up for it?? Let me know!!!! Im bringing a broom with me, cuz there will be some sweeping to do!

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