Marion Barber...real deal or no? (1 Viewer)


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Aug 19, 2001
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Metry...Missing Lafayette.
I tell you what. I have this guy on my bench in a few leagues because I knew that if Jones ever got hurt then I would have stud. However, this guy is in the top 20 of RBs in every league!!!! Yet I just cant bring myself to start him week in and week out. SO my quesiton he the real deal? Is it time to start him every week as a #2 or #3 back?
That's crazy because I have the same situation, but I can't bring myself to start him since he doesn't get the bulk of the carries. Seems like he scores all of the points though.

I have Jones, Dunn, Portis, and Barber as my 4 main choices and Barber hasn't been played once on my team.

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