Meachem was carried off at the end of the game (merged -- Meachem is reportedly OK) (1 Viewer)

Weird...are we sure it was a camera man and not a giant mascot on an atv? I hear those are dangerous to Saints players.
False alarm..he said he's ok.

Originally Posted by St. Widge View Post
I just saw Meachem interviewed and he said he is fine. He was just caught off guard and he is fine.
I heard them ask Payton about that in his press conference, but did not know what it was about (and it did not appear that he did either).
somebody posted that meachem said in an interview after that he was fine.
Will he be ready to go next Sunday?

I'm bracing for the answer.....we can't afford another injury to a key player....I hope he's alright...
Apparently someone needs to tell NOLA this is a non story like our moderator did on this board because they're running the story without any mention of how he's supposed to be ok
Could the MODs please sticky the thread that talks about him being fine?


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