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Mar 2, 2005
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San Jose, CA
I know this is a little late, but the guy that tried to end multiple peoples career at the Miami-FSU got a total of a 1 game suspension, and against joke opponent Duke. Vick got expelled for doing it once. FIU had multiple players receive long suspensions.

Where is the outrage from the national media, like there was for Marcus Vick?

Screw you Miami. And screw you NCAA for being such wimps and not cracking down on that nonsense. You can't even give a single player more than the measly one game suspension handed down by his own team for what almost amounted to felony assault? Is it OK to intentionally try to injure other players now?
Well, as just a talking point I disagree that he tried to end their emotions simply take over often (not condoning that) and things happen...but it wasn't his goal I'm sure. I'm sure pain was his goal.

But yes, IMHO, he should not have been playing and the entire school is guilty of a "lack of institutional control," to use an NCAA talking point.

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