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Mar 16, 2005
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Huntley, Illinois
I know he's only 5'8" but he's not afraid to tackle and he's super fast. He has way to much talent to be just on special teams. Don't say he's a wide receiver because I haven't seen him out there. He's a playmaker! Couldn't be worse than anyone else. Asante Samuel, DeAngelo Hall, Ronde Barber are all only 5'10, Ricky Manning Jr. is 5'9 and they are all pretty good. Just throwing it out there for conversation. But can you imagine if he turned out to be a stud with MM on the other side we could blitz all the time.
The Patriots do with Troy Brown who is their #1 WR. And Lewis seems like the type of guy that did whatever you wanted him to do. I'm sure its come across Paytons mind once or twice.

CB is not just about speed though. Its about route reading and changing direction quickly. So just because someone's super fast doesn't mean their going to be a good CB (see Ahmad Carrol)
He's like 35. He'd be retired before he could learn the position.
He'd have the speed but CB is the hardest position to play outside of QB. To think we could stick him out there midseason and he be effective is pretty far fetched.

Craft is almost or just as fast as Lewis (he ran down Willie Parker and Vick from behind this year). So I don't think Lewis would be any better then him even if he knew how to cover.

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