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Jan 24, 2000
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Criteria: Wins, Dominance, Opponent-Strength

Okay let's start a playoff watch.

AFC: Jets, Ravens, Chiefs, Jags, WC: Patriots, Steelers. Wow, no Colts or Chargers yet.
NFC: Falcons, Bears, Eagles or Giants, 1 of Rams or Seahawks, WC: Saints, and one of Eagles, Giants, or Packers

1. Jets 9-2 (1)--A veritable schmorgasborg (?) of Thanksgiving football. Thursday's hero--Brad Smith--with a big run and a big return buries the Bungles.
2. Patriots 9-2 (2)--Detroit was up by a TD when we said Grace. By the time I finished my sweet potatoes Tommy boy had thrown 3 touchdown passes.
3. Falcons 9-2 (3)--Decent win on Sunday at home vs. Pack. Nice defense. They're still lucky not to be 7-4. Helped by a bad facemask penalty at the end.
4. Saints 8-3 (4)--Blew the lead but Brees leads a monster 89 yard TD drive to win it. Admit it...you were sweating, weren't you.
5. Ravens 8-3 (7)--Well-played but low-scoring slug-fest vs. TB. Allowed only 10 points the first 55 minutes.
6. Steelers 8-3 (8)--Pitt escapes a red-hot Bills team with a road win in OT to keep pace.
7. Bears 8-3 (11)--Okay, I'm impressed. Cutler 4 TDs and no mistakes and needed every one of them to survive the shootout in a huge NFC matchup vs. Philly.
8. Packers 7-4 (5)--Rodgers scores too fast at the end of a tough road game in the Georgia Dome. Add in a stupid penalty on the return and now they're in 2nd place.
9. Eagles 7-4 (6)--Vick's first INT in 4 years happened in the end zone. They needed points there and it could have cost them the game vs NYG.
10. Chiefs 7-4 (12)--Dwayne Bowe is on fire with 3 more TDs to lead the league. Huge games from Jamaal Charles and Cassel help KC to 500 total yards and a route of the 'Hawks.
11. Giants 7-4 (13)--Huge win vs. Jags to to pull even with Philly in the East. Can they keep it up?
12. Bucs 7-4 (10)--Now starts the time of year where the southern teams have to play outside in the cold. Bucs not up to it in Baltimore.
13. Chargers 6-5 (15)--Storming back into the picture with a route of Indy. D was spectactular. O numbers not flashy mostly because they scored on short drives and pick-6s.
14. Jaguars 6-5 (14)--Great game. Seesaw battle that sees Eli lead a 4th quarter go-ahead TD drive for the win. Two good teams fighting for their lives.
15. Colts 6-5 (9)--Even Peyton needs something to work with, but 7 picks in two weeks? Chargers roll. No 12-win season in 2010.
16. Dolphins 6-5 (19)--Henne returns with a vengeance. Nice, balanced gameplan nets 400+ yards with Ronnie, Ricky, and Chad demolishing Oakland on the road. D completely shut down the running game.
17. Texans 5-6 (21)--The league's worst D pitches a shutout. Sound impressive? Titans went with a guy named Rusty Smith at QB with predictable results.
18. Rams 5-6 (22)--A shootout at Mile High nets the Rams a close win and Bradford's first 300 yard day. They lead the division.
19. Redskins 5-6 (17)--'Skins & McNabb are technically not out of it. But a home loss to Minny & their new coach don't help.
20. Titans 5-6 (16)--Collins & Young unavailable for QB duty so they turned to a guy off the street. The fight between Finnegan and Andre' Johnson might have been worth watching, but Tennessee lost that too. 4 in a row. They'd be meat any other year but AFC South is down so they're only one game out.
21. Raiders 5-6 (18)--Unable to get Bush and McFadden going, Bruce left out to dry. D lets them down and Dolphins roll.
22. Seahawks 5-6 (20)--Wore out in the 4th quarter. No running game. Chiefs explode for 21 and drop the Hawks to a 1st place tie with the Lambs.
23. Vikings 4-7 (28)--Leslie Frazier a beneficiary of the 'interim-coach-always-wins-the-first-game-in-2010' syndrome. Let's hope this is the last time.
24. 9ers 4-7 (27)--After winning 3 out of 4, this time against the Cards, these guys are only 1 game out. Gore out, Westbrook steps up big.
25. Browns 4-7 (24)--Didn't see this one but the stats say this game should have been in the minor leagues. Delhomme vs. Clausen. 'nuff said. Cleveland survives.
26. Cowboys 3-8 (25)--Made a game of it but this ain't Detroit. The fumble at the end by Williams was indicative of the whole season.
27. Broncos 3-8 (23)--Okay on offense and shredded a good Ram secondary, but ultimately they're just...plain...bad.
28. Cardinals 3-8 (26)--Barely 200 yards of offense won't get you very far. Worst of the NFC West.
29. Bills 2-9 (29)--Pesky is a good word for these guys but ultimately succumb to a better Steeler team in OT.
30. Lions 2-9 (30)--Played a strong 3 quarters but forgot the 4th counts too. Patriots bombard them for 3 TDs and win going away.
31. Bengals 2-9 (31)--Maybe they'll be this bad next week. Less than two hundred total yards and stunk in all facets of the game vs. Jets. If I'm Marvin Lewis I'm updating my resume...and lying a lot.
32. Panthers 1-10 (32)--Actually took the lead vs. Browns after being two TDs down, but allow a late FG to stay in the basement.
4. Saints 8-3 (4)--Blew the lead but Brees leads a monster 89 yard TD drive to win it. Admit it...you were sweating, weren't you.

Sweating? I was having a stroke :covri:

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