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Jan 24, 2000
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Criteria: Wins, Dominance, Opponent-Strength

Wars between 1 & 5, 2 and 13, and 4 & 8 will say alot about the end of the year playoff picture. It also looks like the NFC is not as bad as we once might have thought. This top 10 is actually 6-4 NFC.

Playoff Watch--week 13.

AFC: Patriots, Steelers, Chiefs, Jags, WC: Jets, Ravens. And the Raiders are just as close as Indy.
NFC: Falcons, Bears, Eagles or Giants, 1 of Rams or Seahawks, WC: Saints, and one of Eagles, Giants, or Packers. Tampa one game back of mattering.

1. Patriots 10-2 (2)--Amazing annihilation of the Jets. Does the dynasty live on?
2. Falcons 10-2 (3)--Timely pick ended the Bucs threat to even up the division. Solid win.
3. Saints 9-3 (4)--Mistakes yes, but it was always in the bag. You had to know the Bengals would fall for the old jump offsides on 4th and 2 ploy.
4. Steelers 9-3 (6)--Another cold, low-scoring war with the Ravens. Road team wins again.
5. Jets 9-3 (1)--Not ready for prime time. Pats see to that.
6. Bears 9-3 (7)--Boy, how did this happen? The whole league is wondering. This week they beat Detroit for real.
7. Packers 8-4 (8)--Could you call this a brisk workout? 9ers hang in the first half but die quickly in the 2nd.
8. Ravens 8-4 (5)--They should have looked to Derrick Mason more, Seeing as how he stunk up my fantasy team this week.
9. Eagles 8-4 (9)--Thursday night blast vs. Texans, and now a good long 10-day rest for next week.
10. Giants 8-4 (11)--Washington, amazingly, lays down for the Gmen. Easy win.
11. Chiefs 8-4 (10)--10-6 a real possibility for this recent doormat. Shut down the leagues leading QB in Orton.
12. Jaguars 7-5 (14)--MJD explodes and the Jag D shuts down CJ2K. Good recipe for beating the Titans.
13. Bucs 7-5 (12)--Not quite enough this year. 3 divisional losses will hurt them at the end, hopefully 4 when the Saints are done with them.
14. Chargers 6-6 (13)--I say they needed to win out, so it wasn't a good time to let the Raiders whip them.
15. Colts 6-6 (15)--12 games in the Colts are not a winning team. Coyboys own Peyton with 2 pick 6's and a satisfying upset.
16. Rams 6-6 (18)--These guys have a real shot. Paid back the Cards in full. Ultimately I think Seattle wins due to tiebreakers.
17. Dolphins 6-6 (16)--Not even too little too late. A home loss to Cleveland is a real killer.
18. Raiders 6-6 (21)--Best season in what, 10 years. Probably ended the Chargers season last weekend.
19. Seahawks 6-6 (22)--Nice to draw Carolina this late in the season. I think 8-8 will do the trick if they win their remaining 2 divisional games vs. SF and St. Louis.
20. Vikings 5-7 (23)--Nice to know they are not as bad as Buffalo.
21. Texans 5-7 (17)--Same team different year. Shellacked by Vick & Philly.
22. Redskins 5-7 (19)--Shanny needs to overhaul this team completely. Getting clobbered that bad by the Giants in unacceptable.
23. Titans 5-7 (20)--They should be able to beat the Jags with their current personnel--they couldn't. Time for a revamp in Music City.
24. Browns 5-7 (25)--Relatively respectable and pulled one out against Miami.
25. Cowboys 4-8 (26)--Peyton found out these guys are still dangerous. Aren't they 3-1 under Garrett?
26. 9ers 4-8 (24)--Didn't they go 0-6, & still were getting playoff talk? Laughable, as was their performance vs. Pack.
27. Broncos 3-9 (27)--Just do it. McDaniels has failed. I'm still thinking about trading Hillis for Brady Quinn. Go Chiefs.
28. Cardinals 3-9 (28)--Maybe they can get "Luck"y this off-season. Didn't happen against the Rams. 6 points. Ooooo.
29. Bills 2-10 (29)--Died Quickly vs. Tavaris & the Vikes after knocking Brett out. That was cool anyway.
30. Lions 2-10 (30)--Down to their 3rd quarterback, hung with conference leader Chicago but succumbed in the end to the better D.
31. Bengals 2-10 (31)--Typically stupid end of game management and you get an 8 or 9 game losing streak.
32. Panthers 1-11 (32)--Oh, well...
Most disappointing for me.
2. Falcons 10-2 (3)--Timely pick ended the Bucs threat to even up the division. Solid win.

Most enjoyable for me outside of the division.
25. Cowboys 4-8 (26)--Peyton found out these guys are still dangerous. Aren't they 3-1 under Garrett?

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