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Mar 22, 2006
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More Brees....

His cumulative stats against the NFC South this year (5 games) .....

114/161 (70.8%) 1374 Yards (8.53 YPA) 7 TDs 0 INTs 4 Sacks 111.1 QB Rating

These are the 3 teams he's been the most successful against this year...

Oh, and his 2nd games against TB & ATL were significantly BETTER than his first (so much for defenses adjusting).......

Some more interesting splits.....

QB rating by month....
Sep 86
Oct 92
Nov 110
(Keeps getting better....)

QB rating in the 4th qtr: 111

QB rating on 3rd down with 6+ yards to go: 128

Stats on balls thrown over 30 yards: 9/13, 461 yards, 6 TDs 1 INT
(So if you take away ALL of his deep balls - he would STILL be leading the league in passing yards....)

Stats on balls thrown over 40 yards: 5/5, 259 yards, 3 TDs 0 INTs
add a TE and a couple of defensive studs and we'll be SB contender every year for probably the next ten years.
Brees is ridiculously accurate on the deep ball. With the speed of our WR's that should scare team's into staying away from the blitz right there.
I don't know if ya'll saw here last week where there was a SD fan that came here and was seemingly upset that we all thought that Drew Brees was so great, but that we'd see after a while that Drew throws just enough INT's to keep you out of the playoffs and to keep you from being a winner etc.

What I think that poster failed to realize was the FACT that we had Joe Horn, Deuce McAllister, Donte Stallworth, Devery Henderson and a fairly decent TE in Ernie Conwell already on this team. With San Diego, all Brees had was LT and Antonio Gates that leaves 3 more impact players here when Brees signed than what he had to work with in SD. Then in the offseason we get Bush and Colston and then bolster the D with Harper and Ninkovich and Shanle, Simoneau, Clark and Fujita. I hope we do make it to the big dance and I hope Phillip Rivers and SD make it too. That way it'll be the sweeter for Drew when he dismantles them for the Championship. OOPS, I might have gotten carried away.

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