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Jan 30, 2007
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Washington DC
We have to win at least one more game to make the playoff I think, and I believe we will win both. I also believe that the Falcons will beat the Panthers and take the NFC South.

If that's the case, I would like to see both wild card teams win during wild card week. I'd also like to see Atlanta beat whoever comes to them. Here's why....

I want the NFC Championship game to be all NFC South. I want the NFC SuperBowl representation to be NFC South. And no matter who wins that game, I want the NFC South to win the SuperBowl again.

I'm tired of the NFC East getting all the attention. I know it's unlikely that the media will ever give the NFC South it's due coverage, simply because of the size of the media market, but I want the fans to at least see that the NFC South is no joke. We ARE the best division in the NFC and have been for several years.

I know that means we have to let the Falcons win a playoff game, but I'm OK with that because I believe we can beat them in their dome and go to Dallas again this year. EVEN IF WE DON'T THIS WEEK, I will still think we can do it come Jan.

If we are a wild card team and either home team (division winner) wins on wild card weekend, this won't happen. Either we'll be one and done or we'll be going to Atlanta in the Divisional Round. Obviously, we can beat them there and make it one and done for them, but I'd rather meet them in the NFC Championship and WHIP THEIR BUTTS in Atlanta.
I cannot in good consciousness wish that Atlanta ever wins, little alone the Super Bowl.
The only possible reason I would want the Falcons to go to the Super Bowl is for them to get sooooooo close to where we got, but then come up short yet again with a loss to the AFC.
This aint college. Screw the rest of our conference!!!! It's Saints or AFC or anyNFCTeamButTheFalconsVikingsCowboysBears for me :9:. Hell, I'd take the Bears going to and/or winning the SB over the Falcons any day, if that was the only choice I had!
I like the Falcons being a good team. It's not really fun or a fulfilling rivalry if we just steam roll a sorry team.

How much would we be anticipating monday if the division were locked up, and the Falcons were 5-9?

I'd be ****** if they won, but at the same time, it makes winning titles and division crowns taht much more fulfilling when we know our team faces top notch teams.
Listen up!!
Im going to say this one time and one time only..
I DON'T GIVE A DAYUM Who else goes to the superbowl in this conference, as long as it's Not the Failcons!!!!! GET IT!? I DO NOT CARE IF SAINTS DON'T MAKE IT as long as we or somebody make it virtually impossible for them to even go to the Superbowl!

If the powers that be stop us from going to the NFCCC im rooting for Eagles or any other team (maybe not Chicago bears tho).. lol
Anyway i hope you got my point! BY ALL MEANS NO FEATHERS IN DALLAS!
I concur with the majority here. Anyone who'd root for a division rival to succeed in the playoffs is a different breed of fan than I am. I want the falcons one and done. I don't wish injury on anyone, but that doesn't mean that I'd feel a whole lot of remorse if Roddy "I don't know when to shut my mouth" White had to be picked up with a sponge, Monday night. I hope that the failcons staff brings enough charmin to clean up Matty Lice after he poops himself before the half.

Go get 'em, boys!

I have to agree with you no matter how much it hurts
NFC South has to take control and show what its like to play here
Opening game next year must be Saints-Falcons not Cowbows-Eagles
Saints players will never get their just reward playing in a "weak" division

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