My favorite Brees play of the game (1 Viewer)

Oct 15, 2006
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When he scrambled and picked up that 3rd down conversion by busting through 2 Steelers. When I watched this play live I thought he was down and turned a way for a second, next thing i know he was passed the first down marker. That was amazing!
Yea i was puzzled because i thought for sure he was down but the defenders hit eachother because he broke there ankles.:p
I seriously hope that when the time comes for Drew Brees to retire, that he retires as a Saint, not a Charger.
I seriously hope that when the time comes for Drew Brees to retire, that he retires as a Saint, not a Charger.

Lemme think, he was with the chargers for 5 seasons, started 4 seasons. 2 bad seasons and 2 good seasons. He will be with the saints for 6 season and is breaking records in his first season with the saints and leading the NFL in passing yards. Plus he is a great guy and loves the city. No doubt he will be a Saint if he retires. Just hope he doesn't try to pull a Bledsoe, Brunell, or Brad Johnson and play into his 40's. (i think they are all in thier 40's)
Drew Brees, all he does is make plays, but that last thing we need is for him to re-injure his shoulder. There are plenty of defenders that would like nothing more than to knock him out of the game and season.
That play where he fumbled looked almost like a flashback to last year's injury.

Too short, no arm strength, recovering from major surgery, system quarterback, can't throw deep, passes batted down, can't see behind line, can't move, can't scramble, manages the game only....pick your complaint, but you can't stop Brees.

He knows what it takes to win, he fosters a winning attitude, and he gives his all. Brees played exceptionally well in an organization (SD) that didn't want him. It's hard to do your best when you know the boss wants to get rid of you. Now, what we are witnessing is a rebirth and a MVP season for Brees with a team and city that embrace him.

It's not the size of dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.

Go Saints!!!
I also loved that play...he shook of a DLineman, whcih I thought was hilarious.
Favorite play had to be when he motioned Stecker to go long and made the pass happen (great play on Stecker's part to turn around and make the play). Brees put the ball on the money where the defender couldn't get it.

If it had been Peyton Manning making that play, we would already be sick of watching the replays on SportsCenter. But I guess you have be a self-proclaimed 6'5" with a laser rocket arm to get that kind of treatment from ESPN.

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