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Sarang Upso
Jul 8, 2001
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did anybody just see the helmet to helmet call against carolina that gave the browns a TD on the next play. how in the world is that helmet to helmet when the browns TE has the ball in his hands and is coming down in the endzone for a touchdown. no hit and it's 6.
What some are failing to realize is the commish is not messing around at all on this helmet to helmet contact. When he had the sit down with the refs they are flag happy on possible personal foul calls. He is basically telling these guys, when in doubt throw the flag and let us address it if it is the wrong call. Is that right or fair no, but they see that as the best way in protecting the players. I didn't see the play but im sure it isnt' much different from the other suspect calls this year.
Kasay missed a fg with 5 seconds left to lose the game. He 'Hartleyed' the Panthers.

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